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Helpful Links

Cat Fancy - Information for cat lovers.

Dog Fancy - Information for dog lovers.

American Kennel Club - Information on purebred dogs

Alley Cat Allies - Help save feral cats

Pets with Diabetes

Feline Diabetes Internet Guide

The Indoor Pet Initiative


Cat Fanciers Association - Registry of Pedigreed Cats

SPCA - Prevention of crueltyto animals

The Breeds of Dogs - Find information on different dog breeds

Pet Finder - Adopt a homeless pet!

Cornell Feline Health Center

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Your Dog's Heart - (www.yourdogsheart.com)

Cats Center Stage - (www.catscenterstage.com)

Protect Your Dogs from Ticks - (www.dogsandticks.com)

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